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Favourite Character Themes?

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Favourite Character Themes?

Post by RYCloud92 on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:18 pm

All video game characters have a theme (in some games that theme is the main theme itself). And we all have a favourite pieces of music in the FF games, so which is your favourite character themes?

Mine its Cait Siths theme

Just something about it, the up beat, the jazz-ish style, it just sounds awesome to my ears.

2nd is Aurons theme

Because it relates to his mysterious and secretive nature (well to my ears anyway)

Followed by Clouds theme at 3 (I know its the main theme but Cloud doesnt have a theme in the game and therefore he is mainly designated this)

I think it fits his nature because it starts off calm and normal and then slowly turn sinister showing the twists in his personality



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Re: Favourite Character Themes?

Post by Claire on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:23 pm

Aerith's Theme, ain't nothing more soothing.

Next is Yuna's theme, first theme that actually made me emotional.


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Re: Favourite Character Themes?

Post by The Cap'n on Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:41 pm


Amarant's theme sounds like this loner cowboy, Clint Eastwood type feel. It's slow paced, deep sounding and really gives him the impression of the punk he is. Suits him perfectly.


Everything about this song screams Gilgamesh. It's way too hard to discribe how this song fits him but it just does.


It's lively, perkey and fun. It fits her very well and it's a catchy tune.


Very curious, upbeat and clumsy sounding. It fits around Vivi like a glove when he first arrives in Alexandria.


Sad and tragic sounding, calm in the beginning then grows powerful in the end. It goes well with her life of losing the ones she loved.

Cid Highwind

This song always makes you feel like an astronaut, like you're on the final fronteir to travel through the galaxy. It really fits Cid's love of the sky and space to constantly keep going higher and higher.

Favorite Character Battle Themes (Special Themes played for characters you fight)

Battle on the Big Bridge (Gilgamesh)- Already said for Gilgamesh

Grand Finale (Ultros)-
This I see as Ultros' main theme and it's a fun song. It's a little goofy sounding but it has a determined sound to it as Ulty is so determined to get revenge against the party for his attack on the raft.

Birth of a God (Sephiroth)-
I like this song way more than One-Winged Angel because it just sounds so... good. It's epic, it's Sephiroth's main theme all technoed out and makes you feel like you're fighting this horrible monster that he appears as.

Creepy, otherworldly, epic.

Fight with Seymour-
I don't know how, but this song fit the final fight with Seymour so... COOL! The tecno approach to him worked super well and it really showed his ruthlessness, his mage-like way of fighting and it sounded epic.

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Re: Favourite Character Themes?

Post by Archangel on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:20 am

Aerith--real soothing
Cid in ff7--just love it, makes you feel pumped
Snow--badass theme in ff13
many others as well



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Re: Favourite Character Themes?

Post by Sponsored content

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