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Metal Gear Solid (1) Voice Acting Criticism

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Metal Gear Solid (1) Voice Acting Criticism

Post by Claire on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:40 am

Solid Snake: David Hayter
I understand that David Hayter is THE voice of Solid Snake, and I can think of no one else who could do a better job...but when I think about it, David Hayter is a pretty crappy voice for Snake. He tends to overplay his role, I hear more of a growl than an actual voice. He also pulls a Yuri Lowenthal by putting an 'H' at the end of his words, meaning he sighs shortly after ending his sentences, sometimes unnoticeable and sometimes excusable, but it's not something I call attractive in a voice. He also seems to be forcing his words out sometimes, whenever Snake is flustered or angered, he growls and puts no voice in whatsoever, pretty annoying to me. Other than that, he's alright.

Liquid Snake: Cam Clark
Not exactly sure what to think on this one. He is a great voice to listen to, though I can't tell sometimes if he's pretending to be British or not. It becomes most apparent when he tries to yell or when he goes on long monologues, that's also when I get tired of hearing his voice. But when he talks in periods, he's pretty pleasing to listen to. He's so-so.

Meryl Silverburg: Debi Mae West
Terrific voice, but not pleasing when she speaks for very long. Debi knew exactly how to play Meryl, excitable, punkish, and a rookie. I, myself didn't get very far in MGS1, but from what I saw and heard, I loved Meryl's voice, simply because it fit her profile. Other than that, I hated to listen to her. Thumbs up to West.

Naomi Hunter: Jennifer Hale
I'm familiar with this actress from other games such as Blazblue (Carl Clover) and I think she has a good range of voices, especially with younger characters such as Carl Clover or Emma Emmerich, although with Naomi, she floored me. I was blown away when I first heard her 'woman' voice, although she does overplay a bit. Overall, she did a great job as Naomi, imo. Of course, I think she fit Naomi's profile pretty well, also.

Otacon (Hal Emmerich): Christopher Randolph
Another great voice that perfectly fits the profile, but ever so annoying when he monologues. Otacon is among my favorites as a character (mostly because he's a nerd), and I think Randolph was among the best voices in the game that fit the profile. Only problems is when Otacon is upset and he plays Otacon as OVERLY depressive, more than he should be, I think. Of course, I have to hear him yell or cry since Otacon is so emotional, so I'm going halfway with this one.

Crnl. Roy Campbell: Paul Eiding
Terrible as Hojo, terrific as Campbell, one of the few voices in this game that I can actually respect. Whenever I hear his Campbell speaking, I hear an actual military man, well disciplined, yet tolerable. I don't mind the codec conversations involving Campbell, I actually feel like I have to salute this man when I hear him. Thumbs up.

Kim Mai Guest: Mei Ling
I really don't like this voice, it fits the profile and I imagine Mei Ling actually speaking like that, but it's just annoying. Terrific job, but please quit talking...

Gray Fox/DARPA Chief Donald Anderson: Greg Eagles
Playing two characters exactly the same? Why? As the DARPA Chief, he's easy to listen to, but at long intervals, again, he gets old. As Gray Fox, it's like the same thing, only a bit more tolerable for some reason. Not a terrible job, but it could be better.

Nastasha Romanenko: Renee Raudman
I cannot tell if this person is actually Russian or not, and because of that, I can't give an opinion on this one.

Revolver Ocelot (Adamska): Patric Zimmerman
Fantastic, although like Hayter, somewhat overplayed. Zimmerman has that voice that I can listen to and not complain...much, he played Ocelot extremely well as a Triple crosser, gun-slinging, asshole. A great job, with some flaws, of course.

Vulcan Raven: Peter Lurie
A bit boorish for me, but that is how Raven was supposed to sound, I guess. A pleasure to listen to, yet a little over the top when he yelled.

Psycho Mantis: Doug Stone
Creepy, wheezy and maniacal, perfect for Mantis. He has that voice that can give you a chill if you're not expecting it. Thumbs up.

Sniper Wolf: Tasia Valenza
This is the voice actress for Dissidia's Ultimecia, I believe. I liked her impression of Ultimecia to an extent, but as Sniper Wolf, she was fantastic. The accent felt a little overplayed, but other than that, she deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Smile

Johnny Sasaki: Dean Scofield
Only in the game for about ten minutes, but Scofield played the lovable comical Johnny to the T. Yet, it's a good thing I didn't have to listen to his complaining voice for long.

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