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Metal Gear Solid (2) Voice Acting Criticism

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Metal Gear Solid (2) Voice Acting Criticism

Post by Claire on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:59 am

For characters involved in previous games, see previous topics.

Raiden: Quinton Flynn
I like Quinton Flynn, yet I don't like how he plays every character the same way. -.- Yet as Raiden, I think he just fits, from being dutiful and stubborn as ever, to being spineless and just whiny. Others don't see it that way, maybe that's because I just like the sound of Flynn's voice and I consider myself a fan of him. Maybe I should leave someone else to critique of him.

Solidus Snake: John Cygan
O-Ver-Played. I almost cannot stand Cygan's voice, yet since his voice is stuck in my head, I can't imagine anyone else playing Solidus. If Cygan maybe calmed down a little and didn't hawk a loogie every time he said 'Snake', I might have a different opinion. Total thumbs down.

Rosemary: Lara Cody
About 20 minutes into the game I wanted to take my SOCOM and shoot Rose because she talked too much. At first, I thought I could handle it because she sounds similar to Ming Na (Mulan), whom I admire, but after I found out it wasn't her, I mute the tv whenever she spoke.

Olga Gurlukovich: Vanessa Marshall
Not a bad voice, I have to say. I don't hear Russian accents very often, yet hers is easy to listen to. Although she cannot get emotional at all when the time calls for it. When she was sacrificing herself, I literally got bored.

Fortune: Maura Gale
Eh, didn't feel anything from this one. Got bored of her voice in a matter of minutes.

Vamp: Phil LaMarr
O M Jesus, awesome voice. Transylvanian is the easiest accent to mimic, yet this guy made me feel like I was listening to a real vampire. Sadistic, exotic and terrifying, wouldn't want to be alone in a room with this guy speaking, but that's a plus in my book. Two Thumbs Up.

Fatman: Barry Dennen
Another voice I don't want to hear late at night. I loved the one scene with Fatman because his voice was so great. Fatman actually seemed like he was on the edge, and in battle, it's a hoot to hear his voice.

Emma Emmerich: Jennifer Hale
Like I said in my other MGS topic, I respect Hale, even her younger, somewhat annoying roles. I enjoyed having Emma speak, but only for so long. :p

Criticise AWAY!!!


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