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Metal Gear Solid (3) Voice Acting Criticism

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Metal Gear Solid (3) Voice Acting Criticism

Post by Claire on Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:08 pm

My favorite of the series, not only for awesome gameplay, but the voice work is inifitely better than the previous titles.

EVA: Suzetta Minet
The profile of EVA is sexy, enigmatic, agent that coerces Snake into falling in love with her, and I think Minet had it down very well. I honestly think that if I were Snake, I would have fallen for her charms by her voice alone. I don't think she made any mistakes, but I haven't played the game in a while, so disagree with me if you have. Two thumbs up.

Major ZERO: Jim Piddock
This voice seems straight out of a Bond movie and that's just what I believe is the way it should have been done. It also helps that Piddock is actually British, so there's no accent to immitate or mock. When Major ZERO speaks, you have the urge to sing "Rue, Britannia" to yourself. I have to admit that it sometimes sounds like he is not trying hard enough, like when Snake comes back from fighting the Sorrow, Piddock could have put more emotion into it, but I think he did well otherwise.

Para-Medic: Heather Halley
As much pleasure I take in listening to Para-Medic's descriptions of animals, injuries, etc. I sometimes find her voice tiring after a while. Another halfway decent voice that just runs old at long intervals. Para-Medic is, unfortunately, a monologuer, so we have to listen to her drone on and on, about arguably interesting topics and I continue to pull away from the topic and just wish she would shut up.

Sigint: James C. Mathis III
Aw hell yeah! Minor as this character was, I found his voice to be intertiguin and easy to listen to for a while, even though a joke is almost always in his Radio calls. He's also the only character in the MGS series that I know of that you can get to cuss, but only if you know how. I don't have any complaints about Mathis, he gets two thumbs up.

The Boss: Lori Alan
One of the voices in this game that I can't tell what to think, it's the exact same voice of Diane Simmons from Family Guy with no subtle differences whatsoever, however her voice fit the Boss quite well, I think. I felt pleasured to listen to her monologue at the end, I somewhat felt for her until she gave her ending line to Snake, I think she played 'weak' weakly.

Crnl. Volgin: Neil Ross
Whenever I depict a sadistic, war villain, I put this voice with it. This is a great voice for a villain that's too high and mighty for his own good. However, it is yet ANOTHER voice that's gets tiring after a while and you just wish Snake would put a bullet in his vocal chords.

Ocelot: Josh Keaton
Those familiar with Disney's Hercules, this is the voice of young Hercules, annoying then, annoying now. Don't get me wrong, Ocelot is supposed to sound arrogant as hell, but I HATE this voice. I just wanted to beat the hell out of him so he would stop talking. Maybe it's just cause he's in his thirties and still sounds 18. But, he is sadly under contract as future appearances for young Ocelot, so I have no choice but to complain silently.

The Pain: Gregg Berger
ZOMGNESS!!! Th-THE Gregg Berger??!!!! As the PAIN??! This will be EPIC! Sad to say, the Pain is involved in two scenes and that's the last we see of him, we can only bask the greatness that is Gregg Berger for about 20 minutes. Okay, Joke time is over. I actually think Gregg stepped down a little for this role, he sounded almost 'pained' to play this guy. Even his death cry was below standard...shame.

The Fear: Michael Bell
A voice I was pleased to hear, yet ever so happy to shut up. I don't care that he played the original Raziel from the Legacy of Kain, this voice was overplayed a bit too much.

The End: Grant Albrecht
This voice R god. I was ashamed to kill him because I couldn't hear his capturing voice anymore. I think I admire older voices more simply because you almost HAVE to respect them, even though some older VAs are just pathetic, but Albrecht is a fantastic voice actor, I've never been disappointed from hearing his voice. 5 stars.

The Fury: Richard Doyle
There is almost no info on the Fury, so he has no profile, he could sound however the VA seems fit, luckliy, Doyle knew the right way. Although with a name like the Fury, he would probably have needed to roar or do Vegeta screams a lot. I think the best part of his role was when the Fury explodes and he roars the name "Fury!", I feel chills every time he says it.

The Sorrow: David Thomas
Seeing as depressive, sorrowful and hurt voices are the easiest voices to do, imo, it shouldn't be hard to give a decent rating for this guy, and it was, slightly. Hearing Thomas' voice and then reading about the Sorrow, I felt that Thomas played the Sorrow more sadistic than he should've. When I first met the Sorrow and heard him speak, I felt that the Sorrow wasn't sympathetic to death at all, and I figured someone filled with sadness shouldn't sound any at all amused when another came to see him. The line "Sad, so sad" sounded like he would if he was talking to a man he just kicked down without a fight. He should've sounded despaired, and then gradually building up to anger. I have to give this guy a bad rating.

Sokolov: Brian Cummings
Is it just me, or does this sound like the guy that did voice overs for commercials of Saturday morning cartoons? I feel like I'm listening to what next week's Batman will be about listening to this guy, not a sniveling coward. Not a great voice, but thankfully, he's a minor character.


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