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Your Favorite Battle Team and Paradigm Setup

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Your Favorite Battle Team and Paradigm Setup

Post by Claire on Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:47 am

Like a good number of Final Fantasy's, each individual character has a specialty of their own, even if it's as miniscule as an HP count that's one point higher than another. XIII has a rather unique battle system in and of itself, and every character has the capability to use the same class, but still, each character has a specialty in specific classes. So, post your favorite battle team and Paradigms and why you like to use these specific setups. If you wish, you can tell why you choose to avoid certain setups, as well.

For me, I favor the team of Lightning, Hope and Fang above all else. Aside from these three being my favorite characters, they make a good balance and allow me to make the best of each Class. Lightning serves me best as a COM, MED, or RAV, since her attack is the best out of my whole party, and she can keep enemies at a distance while being a RAV, I like her as a MED since the computer doesn't have a clue how to do it right. Hope serves me best as either a RAV, MED, or SYN, since his magic is pretty decent. Fang is difficult to keep out of SEN, since her defense is the highest I can make it where I was at, but as a COM, she attacks whoever the fuck she wants, which gets hectic when I need to keep a chain on a specific enemy steady while Hope is either MED or RAV.

I can't remember all the Paradigm setups, so I'll just post which classes I use the most. In order of Lightning/Hope/Fang

These are rather basic, and apparently not the wisest setups in the game for most of the battles I rush into. I mostly use these when I'm grinding since it's decent for survival, rather for dealing damage or building chains. For bosses or Eidolons, I buckle down with RAVs and COMs on an all-out assault to build chains and have MEDs on standby if I need it. I suppose these setups make things difficult for most people, but I find these to be the best that I can work with, it just flows well for me, and I make it a priority to build chains rather than just sit tight for hours.


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Re: Your Favorite Battle Team and Paradigm Setup

Post by Archangel on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:49 am

my party setup is based on what is most effective for me, rather than my favorites. I use Lightning, Hope, and Fang, although I hate Hope and Fang is ok. Fang has great defense and a strong attack as COM, Hope has great magic as a RAV and as a MED, Lightning is a well balanced character



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