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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Voice Acting

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Voice Acting

Post by Claire on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:14 am

One of the sad collection of games to have less than par voice work. Particularly in the main characters category, like usual. The following is merely an opinion, and not to be associated with dislike toward the actors themselves.

WARNING: Contains Spoilers.

Terra - Jason Dohring
To sum it up, this is not the correct role for Dohring. About 80% of this role just sounded rather effortless, and overall unconvincing. The other 20% deals with the scenes where Terra is being conflicted, or angry. But during the first couple hours of the game, Dohring sounded like he wasn't motivated to do this at all. Around the end of the game, Dohring seemed like he was really getting into it, most noticeably when Terra confronts Xehanort and unleashes the darkness within him then lets out a powerful roar of anger, and Dohring hit that nail right on the head. Other small occassions include when Terra is battling Eraqus, a few small lines were pretty heartfelt, but the rest sounded somewhat awkward and hammy. Overall this isn't my favorite role, but it could have been a whole lot worse. 4/10.

Ventus - Jesse McCartney
Contrary to a good number of people I know, I actually really like McCartney's voice, especially his songs, but that's for another topic. That being said, his voice acting could use work. I can compare him to Dohring in many spots, being unconvincing 80% of the time, yet pulling out talent out of nowhere on occasion. It seems to me that the field he needs most work in is his yelling and battle cries. During most scenes, you can tell that McCartney is controlling his yells and trying not to make it hit a note he didn't plan, sometimes acceptable, but not always. His most convincing area is probably just simple conversation with another character, he's pretty calm, though you can tell he's used to living in a spot light and comes off as a bit of a narcisist. 6/10

Aqua - Willa Holland
To be honest, this is worst role in the game, mainly because Holland has an accent and fails to enunciate most of the time, so her speech is muffled for a good portion of the game. To be specific, it sounds as if she is keeping herself from trying too hard, or she's nervous to some degree, making it sound as if she's speaking without parting her lips. That aside, she manages to keep herself from mumbling too much, and seems to get rid of it a couple hours into the game, and then her acting could still use work. Her major problem areas seem to be whenever Aqua is angry or in pain. And much like McCartney, she tends to control her yells at times. 3/10

Xehanort - Leonard Nimoy
I've heard people complain about this voice since Nimoy is old and he played Xehanort as a "grouchy grandpa" more than a villain, and I have to say that Nimoy did everything right. To elaborate, Xehanort is seeking to rid himself of his current "brittle" vessel and get a stronger, new one. Since Square put so much emphasis into making Xehanort appear as ancient as possible, I would have been surprised to hear a young, villainous voice. Nimoy also hit the villainous part quite nicely, I'd say, sounding sadistic and careless of others whenever the lines suggested. I wouldn't be able to imagine a better voice for a feeble old man with secrets than Nimoy. 9/10

Vanitas - Haley Joel Osment
I have to admit, I was very surprised with Osment with the sudden change of roles in this game. And, suffice it to say, he did quite a good job supposing it was his first time playing a dark role. His evil laugh is by far the best part of this role, every time I hear it, I can't believe it's the voice of Sora sounding so maniacal. However, I don't think the dialogue is really cut out for him, mostly in normal speech, he sounds more like a rebel than a villain. He could also use more practice with his battle cries, though less than the three heroes. 8/10

Master Eraqus - Mark Hamill
One of the best roles in the game (my favorite), from one of the most well-known actors in America. Hamill seemed to know exactly what Eraqus was thinking in every scene he was in, putting forth whatever emotion was necessary. His most impressive areas are his compassionate speeches, whenever consoling Terra, you can tell that Eraqus really cares for him. His battle cries are somewhat awkward, but Hamill is putting forth the most effort out of everyone in this game when he yells. Hamill was also able to strike the chord when Eraqus battles Terra and feels utter regret, making you feel sorry for Eraqus. I could go forever about how much I love Mark Hamill, but I have to leave it at that. 9/10

Braig - James Patrick Stuart
I have to say that Stuart puts a very awkward voice to Braig, making him sound like a retired stoner. He seems to get all the areas decent, and in a good balance, but he isn't really impressive, I feel. His problem area seems to be when Braig is flustered or exhausted, which is only once or twice during the game, so he did a decent job, but didn't blow me away. 5/10

'Terranort' - Richard Epcar
On a personal note, I hate the voice, now on to the professional commentary. Not the best voice in the game, choosing the wrong tone for the character, but sometimes hitting emotions decently. Epcar seemed to have the idea that all of Xehanort's personas would be huge and exceedingly brooding, because he sounds as if he's on sulfur hexafluoride with a permanently low-toned voice. His voice is far from intimidating because, even in battle, he sounds like he's simply trying too hard, making Terranort more of a rampaging gorilla than a villain. 2/10

Yen Sid/Ansem the Wise - Corey Burton
Every time this man spoke, I was under the impression he thought he was in a Shakespearean play, because he overplays everything, except in monotone. I imagine that Christopher Lee didn't agree to play Ansem in this game because he only had two or three lines and would've wasted the trip to the studio. Burton doesn't have the same effect that Lee had with Ansem, since he uses the same voice for all the characters he plays with exception for Captain Hook. 3/10

Mickey Mouse - Bret Iwan
Most people have noticed that Mickey changed voices between KHII and BbS, well due to unfortunate events, Iwan became the new voice for Mickey. He did a very good job, regardless that Mickey isn't the hardest role to play. 8/10


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