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Final Fantasy Type-0 (Demo Help)

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Final Fantasy Type-0 (Demo Help)

Post by Claire on Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:24 am
New(ish) Trailer.
Official Japanese Site.
Demo Download Link Page.

Clink the Link shown above on the Download Page. WinRAR is required to use the file. Open up the file with WinRAR, and open the PSP and GAME files, and extract the file inside to your PSP, in the file titled GAME. You need a PSP USB Cable to plug your PSP into your computer and open the files. After doing all of this, the demo should appear when you turn on your PSP and open the Memory Stick icon under Game.

Instructions on how to play (for people who can't read or speak Japanese):


Circle - Confirm
X - Cancel
Triangle - Open Skill Menu (in Character Menus)
L/R - Cycle through pages

Circle - Confirm/Speak
X - Cancel/Roll
Square/Triangle/L+R - Draw Weapon
L - Party Menu
R - Center Camera
Start - Camp Menu

Circle - Gauge Skill (drains gauge underneath Summon icon)
X - Block/Dodge w/ Analog Stick
Square - Spell/Skill
Triangle - Attack
L - Party Menu (+Up to switch party members in and out of team. +Right to switch between team members. +Down to activate Special Offer)
R - Lock On (can be changed between holding R, or hold and release for Perma Lock-on.)
Start - Open Camp Menu (press Circle after opening menu to Pause game)

Getting Started
Diving into this game without a clue about what is going on may seem impossible at first, but this demo is very straightforward with its gameplay. Basically, the demo is a mission taking game, wherein you sign up for battle, go out and complete the requirements and get rewarded. Thankfully, the only requirement to get through a mission is to kill all enemies, which gets easier the more you play. You get extra money for completing the game in a set amount of time, draining lots of enemies and not losing one character, but it is not required to complete the mission.

You start off controlling Rem, who is the Thief class character of this game. You begin in a hallway and all you need to do from here is just keep heading forward until you reach a courtyard. After speaking with a few people, enter the building you see in front of you. Here, you'll see a roomful of Moogles and a couple people. The Moogles are your clients and give you your missions. You may speak to them right now, but I would recommend speaking to the Moogle with the Red hat. The top option he gives you is the Tutorial mission, where you can try out using Rem and get used to the battle system. If you wish to do this mission with a different character, then touch the red crystal on the other side of the room and select the top option and change to the character you wish to play. Doing this tutorial mission isn't necessary, but recommended to at least get a feel for the game.

During your missions, your characters may level up, granting stat boosts and earning AP, which is used to purchase Skills or Stat Bonuses in the Red Crystal Menu. By level 20, all of your characters should have every of these Stat boosts purchased. The stat boosts vary per character, for instance, King gets a larger clip from one of his abilities. Other are extra Skills for battle.

When you feel confident enough, talk to the same Moogle and select the second option. He'll tell you about another mission and give you an option to accept. The top option will take you to the mission and the second will refuse. That's all there is to this game. Your characters will level up the more you use them, and so will your Summons, which are explained in the Battle section of this guide. It is recommended to do the same mission over and over until you feel confident enough to take on the next mission. You have the option to Save after every mission and the Red Crystal acts as a Save Point by selecting the option second from the bottom in the Crystal Menu.

The Moogle dressed in floral attire has the hardest mission available in this demo and should only be attempted by level 15 at the earliest, but the mission is still difficult by level 20.

Preparing for Missions
There are a few recommended adjustments to the configuration before attempting a mission. Firstly, the game will allow you two partners to take with you on missions to help defeat enemies and will level up along with you. However, these members won't stay with you without taking precautions, instead, they will cycle out with Guest characters, which are amazingly helpful in the first few hours of the game, but they cycle quickly and randomly, keeping your partners from gaining any EXP or giving you the desired backup. To keep your partners with you, open up the Camp Menu before speaking to the Moogle, or even during the mission and cycle (using R) to the fourth page. Select the first option and a list of configurations will open up. The first is your Party option, pressing right twice will fix you partners to remain with you from start to end of the missions. This will give you the desired backup and ensure that the characters with you will gain EXP.

Privy to the Stat Boosts mentioned earlier, your characters will gain AP every time they level up, little by little until they reach the max at level 20. To access these stat boosts, go to the Red Crystal and access the fourth option down, and select the character you wish to boost. I can't tell you which stats do what effect for any of the characters, but purchasing them all will benefit you in the long run.


Essentially, the battle system is a hack'n'slash with multiple attack options and seven characters to choose from. Between King, Queen, Machina, Rem, Sice, Nine and Ace are very different style of attacks, all with their pros and cons. Getting used to the battle system if you don't understand Japanese will take a little effort along with trial and error, but thankfully, not much.

The best way to deal damage to an enemy is by Counter, however tricky it may seem. After any enemy does a specific attack, a colored symbol will appear over them, either in yellow or red. Yellow is your Critical Hit Counter, and is the best way to deal damage. Red is the Death counter, meaning if you attack while this symbol is up, the enemy will die instantly. It takes a good deal, though not impossible timing to make these counters connect. The best two characters capable to make a clean counter without getting hit are Ace and King. Other characters can use spells, but the charge usually throws off the timing. Countering will make a lot of enemies drop to the ground and leave themselves open for a little while, leaving a good window to beat them with attacks until the next counter.

Summons are not necessary, but are useful in dealing with a crowd of enemies. To summon, press Triangle + Circle and the character you are controlling will commit suicide to bring out your selected Summon. There are only two options in the demo, Golem and Shiva, both of which are useful in different situations. Golem deals normal damage as far as I can tell, and cannot be moved manually, you can only control what attack he does. Shiva can be moved manually and deals Ice damage. Shiva should not be used against the Ape creature in the first mission, for he is Immune to Ice damage. You should get a feel for each summon as early as you can if you plan on using them. They both level up quite quickly in the final mission, but can only be used for a set amount of time, so make the most of what you have.

Each of the characters come pre-set with abilities that can be changed from the crystal menu, but I can't tell you what the spells mean. The trick is to use each of these characters in every mission and find which character flows best in which situation. From experience and personal opinion, I find Ace, King and Sice to be the best for each mission. Ace for his long damaging combos, King for his long range Counter capability and Sice for her flexibility and damage output. But every character feels different for every person, so try everyone out before taking what I say to be true or false.
And that is basically the entire demo in an English nutshell.

Personal Overview
I've logged about 12 hours into the game and have completed all missions with all my characters at level 20 and this was well worth the download, imo. The only real issue I ever had with it is the floppy camera controls when in a seemingly open space and it starts to spaz out. My favorite characters to use, again are Ace, King and Sice for their amazing capability for damage and flexibility for movement and attack. Like any demo, it starts to feel lifeless once you complete everything, but it's so short and exciting, that I wouldn't have a problem with playing through it again for a challenge run. It's possible to go through missions by yourself and that proved to be very fun for No Damage challenges. Overall, I give the demo a 9/10, little room for improvement, but it IS still a demo. Can't wait to find out if it's coming to the US or not. :]


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