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Favorite Boss Battle Videos

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Favorite Boss Battle Videos

Post by Claire on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:14 pm

We all try our hardest to beat bosses in the most epic way we can manage, at least I do, and I'm always on YouTube looking for someone who can do it better than me. And one of my favorite fights that deserves more respect than it gets is Dark Link from OoT. It's challenging to the umpteenth degree since Dark Link mimics ALL of your sword techniques and dodges all of your items. He has as many heart containers as you, and he disorients the player after a hit.

Then I found this video...

I was blown away that someone could find a strategy so amazingly cheap to beat a boss that I had so much trouble with. It's a great guide to those who feel like showing off to those who couldn't beat the boss before, and it's entertaining to see someone do it without taking damage as well.

So post your favorite boss battle vids and why you like them! Personally, I love challenge videos such as No Damage, No Item, No Magic, etc. What's yours? :]


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