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Post by Claire on Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:50 pm

This is a topic that gets me angry most of the time, because I seem to find a lot of games (Japanese mostly) starring a protagonist that is either a fuckin asshole, or a child without a backbone. These are traits that simply I can't stand in a hero, for multiple reasons.

First of all, the asshole trait a lot of heroes share teaches kids and gamers that it's cool to treat others like they should respect no one but you, and you can step on them simply because you had something bad happen to you, or just because you fuckin can! The heroes that come to mind are Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue), Squall Leonhart (FFVIII) and Luke Whogivesashit (Tales of the Abyss). These three are the worst I've come across in the fact that they just hate other people for no discernable reason, except for Luke cause he's spoiled. Heroes are called heroes, because they're supposed to be attractive in some way, to make you want their dreams or goals to be achieved. Instead, I find myself wishing Jin would drop into lava, Squall get eaten by a PMSing giraffe, and Luke to just drop dead. These traits are in place to make room for character development, I know, but they're going too far sometimes!

I'll describe the topic with Jin, because he's the one I know most about and the one I hate the most. This man is entirely self-absorbed and is HELL-BENT on finding his brother, to kill him and then rape him. On his quest to find said brother, he dismisses everyone he speaks to in a very rude way, and especially abuses Noel Vermillion, for a very poor reason, one that is just laughable. The only person he has any shred of decency (and that's a very slim description) is his brother, and that's because in the JP version, Jin was in love with his brother and wanted to become one by "making whoopee" with him after killing him. Even in Jin's earlier years, he was unnecessarily rude toward everyone he came in contact with and I wanted to strangle him with his own stupidity. How am I supposed to even like a character that treats his own friends and even his high school love interest like complete dirt? Simple, I can't. It's impossible to find a reason to like a HERO that has the behavior of a child who jut had his toy taken away.

So describe the worst traits you hate about heroes in games and why you think so.

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Post by Zane the pure on Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:37 pm

Believe it or not, but depending on your choices you can make LINK an asshole in SS.

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Despicable Heroes Empty Re: Despicable Heroes

Post by Super Fantastico on Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:54 pm

Ooooh! I got one! Kratos in Every God of War except the first one! at least in the first game he was an actual human being with more than just his one constant emotion of rage at all times to the point where it was cartoonish in the later games! Hell in the first game he was so depressed (Sadness! another emotion besides never ending anger!) that he attempted to kill himself by throwing himself off a cliff. After that, though, he just becomes this angry asshole for no reason just because Zeus stabbed him and took his power ONCE, power which he regained rather quickly and left a scar on his stomach that basically just blends in with his abs, but other than that left no debilitating injuries. He then proceeds to take his revenge on that one god by DESTROYING EVERY SINGLE COSMIC BEING AND THEREBY DESTROYING THE ENTIRE PLANET AND ALL WHO LIVE ON IT. Yes clearly this is the same man from the first game who learned that because of his blind rage he accidentally destroyed that which was most dear to him. Clearly he has learned his lesson and won't be getting mindlessly angry again anytime soon!
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