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Twisted Metal (PS3)

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Twisted Metal (PS3)

Post by Claire on Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:10 pm

An interesting game to be sure. Twisted Metal for PS3 from what I've seen of my uncle playing it, is a racing game on steroids. Not only do you have to make first place in every race, but you have to survive the race to get there. Think of Death Race with Jason Statham, where they race and annihilate the competition on the way to the goal. Twisted Metal is a game that is quite obviously not for the weak-minded, with its intense violence and explosive gore. The story is slack-jawed at best, since it feels that only 10% of their effort went into a script, and the rest for gameplay and design.

There are a number of elements that bug me when I played a little of the final boss' track: first item being the immense difficulty of staying alive. The tracks are pretty short and sweet, however the dangers of the track are no laughing matter (bad pun). In the final dungeon, you are in a demented F-Zero type track that is crescent shaped and takes numerous turns and open walls which you can fly straight out of. Trying to navigate this track is fairly simple, were it not for all the shit flying at you. There are bombs, blades, geysers, huge spike balls that swing back and forth, and chop saws on both sides of the track that close in quite quickly.

Second nagging item is the redundancy of the announcer and his constant "no shit" updates. Every five seconds, you'll hear a deep voice telling you that something has happened. And this is repetitive and unnecessary, since you're playing a game this difficult, you should have the ability to know what's going on around you. I mean, do you NEED someone to tell you that you've just gone through a checkpoint bigger than a house? Or, that you just died? Five seconds into the game, I asked my uncle if there was some way to tell Mr. Sulfur Hexafluoride to kindly shut the hell up.

From what I've observed of 70% of the game as a whole, all of the tracks are quite similar in challenge as the final boss, but in a gradual ascent of difficulty. Which is a neat concept and brings me back to the old Castlevania and Mario games that incorporate a lot of trial and error. My game genre does not fall in this demographic, sad to say. Playing the same part over and over rips the replay value right out of it and leaves me with no desire to play through it again just to repeat the process. I do value challenge, and the game is fun, but it's not something I would play again after clearing it the first time.

The controls are very different from racing games of the past since they had to accomodate the use of firearms. BUT, switching Square and X for acceleration and braking throws a gamer off. Directing the vehicle with the analog stick is another problem for someone so unconsciously addicted to using a D-pad, but that is a problem that can be rectified after an hour or two of gameplay. Using the firearms is simple and efficient, not to mention a saving grace should something explosive lie in your path.

The music is excellent and fitting for a game of this magnitude. It incorporates a lot of hard rock, metal and a bit of screamo, which would hype anyone willing to play this game and keep your heart racing as you fly through the finish line.

So, as a whole, this game is about a 3/10 in my opinion. Not a game I would ever play after beating it the first time, but it is very enjoyable when one is seeking carnage, or just a good old fashioned racing game...with homicidal ice cream men.


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Re: Twisted Metal (PS3)

Post by Archangel on Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:33 pm

can't play since I don't own a ps3, but I did used to enjoy the series



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