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the True self

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the True self

Post by Zane the pure on Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:34 pm

I am a shadow th-errrrr, crud wrong place
But in all seriousness, though as Persona inspired as this is gonna sound, I believe this has too much validity to gloss over.
he true self usually conflicts with the outer self in some way, I feel. No one fully expresses themselves in public, no matter how much they profess it
By our very own Nemo.

I'd kinda like to get an open "forum" on what y'all think.

As for myself, I tend to be an intresting twist on this matter, as my outer self is just as much me as my Inner self. On the outside I'm normally polite and nonchalant, but I can be a little vengeful and dark when provoked, and Inwardly I'm bubbly and widely expressive, but flustered with social difficulty.

Zane the pure
Zane the pure

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Re: the True self

Post by Claire on Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:09 am

Outer: Cynical, Stubborn, Untrusting, Temperamental, and Controlling.

Inner: deep hatred for outer self, yet too quiet to speak up. Easily broken under stress, and despises conflict. Believes an essential quality is elegance. Doesn't believe attachment to others is truly significant, but a momentary distraction. Cannot help but hate many things.


Many thanks to Just_Smile for this AWESOME Serah sig. Very Happy


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