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Post by Claire on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:42 am

It's time I made this thread. Apologies if any typos are made, the keyboard I'm using has had soda spilled on it in the past.

So, once again, Arc System Works has put off making a third installment to the BB series' canon. Oh well, hopefully it's worth the wait unlike the infamous Duke Nukem Forever. However, I felt a bad taste in my mouth after that last sentence, because Blayzebloo shall never sink to that level...hopefully. ANYWAY! This thread shall be dedicated to the extended Constinuum Shift!

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Now, the thing that caught MY attention when BBCS EX was first announced was the fact that Relius Clover was going to be playable. You mean I get to use the scientist dude who doesn't make much of an appearance until the end of CS' story, what gives? Little did I know that they would be including new stories with Relius' point of view, as well as Makoto, Platinum and Valkenhayn. This made me realize how vital Relius' actions are to the plot, and how badly I underestimated that importance.

Anywho, this was not all I cared about, I'll admit. With a new character comes a new playstyle and a brand new tier list. And may I say, Relius is much more fluid to a player who does not have access to an arcade stick. His puppet Ignis acts as a shadow to all of his attacks, and is only needed to act on her own if used in a guard string, and is VERY effective at getting past guard for less experienced opponents. Relius' playstyle also plays along the same theme he carries in the story, as the puppet master who would rather not get his own hands dirty but will do so in the NAME OF SCIENCE! For those who are interested, I implore that you try him out if you'll forgive his current spot on the tier list as he is incredibly fun to use.

As for the rest of the BB crew, the playstyles have been altered rather drastically for some, while the game itself has a higher damage function for every character, meaning slightly shorter matches. Ragna has been launched into God Tier with his damage potential and awesome spacing capabilities, whilst Makoto has been shoved to the bottom, but can still put up a hell of a fight. Since I main Hazama, I checked the differences that I could spot, and I notice that any D input will not let you cancel if it goes too far, his jump has been shortened in height, and Hungry Coils (326 D) has a different recovery time, and is much stricter if you wish to follow up with Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (632146 C). Distortion Drives are also more difficult FOR ME to pull off as the input scheme has changed somehow, as it feels more exact, so slide input takes a little slowing down to get used to the controls again.

For those who spent money on DLC in'll feel like someone shot you in the face. The DLC characters are free, but the palette and Unlimited forms need to be unlocked through a form of currency unlocked from performing various conditions such as battling in any mode but Training.

All in all, it's a tough game to get used to, even though the changes aren't too severe, and is well worth the buy. Although, if you're anything like me, you'll constantly get the urge to go back to CS2. Neutral

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Post by Zane the pure on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:20 pm

I had a small hurdle in my playstyle with Jin's 6C nerf, but I made the leap with the awesome new corner game and super buffs on 2D and 214A.

I've all but mastered Relius in the time I spent on him and he is my definite secondary.

I can't really say extend improved Hazama for me, rather I spent more time on him, and I got really good with him.

Valkenhayn was made quite a bit smoother and I stuck to him.
Tsubaki I haven't been able to purpose as well in extend.
I've been working on Bang, Noel, Makoto, and Carl recently to add to my Ragna, Hakumen, and Litchi.

I can't really seem to anything with Rachel, and Arakune, and I haven't tried platinum at all.

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