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The Break-Up

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The Break-Up Empty The Break-Up

Post by Claire on Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:17 am

Everyone hates this word. It spells many a day of depression for two people, usually. Unfortunately, there is no preferable side to be on, and not a possible good time for such a word. Just yesterday, I ended the relationship with an amazing girl. I fell out of love with her, however about 5 or so months ago and kept the relationship going because I knew her insecurity well enough that I was worried she'd kill herself if I left her. She depended on me far more than anyone should depend on another person. I simply can't understand how she could be so attached to a person, and because of that, I believed that the relationship really did need to end. I can only compare the discomfort to delivering news to a family that someone has died. Telling someone that you don't love them anymore, and haven't for a while, feels like sticking yourself in the chest with ten dozen razors.

So, if anyone here has been through a break-up/divorce, and feel comfortable sharing, then tell us your tale.

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The Break-Up Empty Re: The Break-Up

Post by Just_Smile on Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:30 am

*hugs* I can't really tell anything different because I've never had a boyfriend/ fallen in love before, so I don't completely understand how it feels.

But I hope both you and your friend will feel better soon. <3 I'm sure it was a good decision for you both. I guess you can also be normal friends now, and maybe that's better in some cases.

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