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"Closing Time"

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"Closing Time" Empty "Closing Time"

Post by Erel on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:23 am

It's probably too late for the most part since It's pretty obvious that 'all' of us moved on. This place has been an apparition from what it 'used' to be and attendance has been sparse or close to none existent for a while now. As I found myself looming over this site tonight, I feel like it's only 'right' for me to at least give it a 'proper' farewell. Sentiments, I guess. For those of you who haven't figured it out, I am very vehement about sentiments; take that as you will or judge me however, I don't apologize nor do I feel shame for that. Truthfully, I think this 'place' and the 'time' I have spent deserves these words. I'm not one to just disappear with SOMETHING I have spent a portion(small or big) of my life in.

I'm not entirely sure what year I entered FF Debate... more or less it was somewhere around 2007 or 2008 .... who knows. It was a time where a fervent hobby of mine was to play Final Fantasy and talk to other FF lovers. I'm not sure what goals or perceptions each of you had entering, but more or less I found a group of 'online' friends and acquaintances that would be part of my life for the next few years. While the said part may have been small in comparison, more or less these people... 'you' have been part of that segment of my life. Now it's over and I really want to point out that it was worth it and it became pass A Final Fantasy forum and debate. Yes, we debated. Yes we argued. Yes we flamed, we trolled, and other frivolous things of asking 'Who is Next' or talking about Rikku's thongs or Rp's that either died because of drop outs or people 'getting offended'(hah!). We traded information about our Real Life scenarios, our identity... rapports got deep and Life happens and in the end, just like anything... All things comes to an end.

Akari. Taintz. Zack. Amarant. Smilez. Larcy. Ry. Nemo. Zane. TGD.... I'm sure some people have become a distant memory but to all those I still have the capacity to mention... I know some of you are still lingering in my 'life' outside of here and I know I'll have a few interaction with you here and there, but I guess if not, I just want to say, good luck in your guys' future endeavor(as a proud parent, Taintz and Zack, good luck with your little ones! I know now just HOW MUCH a child CAN REALLY perform a catharsis to one's life). Thank you for the words, the conflicts, the laughs, and just about everything else this kind of realm was meant to evoke. Well, I think I perpetuated quite a bit of redundancy. May the years be kind to you and if anything else... The 'fantasy' is now 'final' and we can move on to reality... more or less.

Fare thee well.

Ps..... I'm not actually 16 years old when I first entered the forum. There. A real fact about me. And I might or might not see what you guys say(if anyone appears to respond or EVEN READ this at all) but to my end it's more of a closure. I'm not one to have an open ended 'chapter' in my life; suffice it to say, this is the last page of this chapter and I suppose the epilogue is on you guys... well I digressed.

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Post by Just_Smile on Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:53 am

Even though I didn't really come here anymore, I'll sure miss this place and the people and how it used to be <3

You are all great people. I still remember how Erel would listen to my rants when I was in quite a difficult phase in my life :') (it really meant a lot to me back then).

Maybe I can still follow some of you on Facebook (although I'm not often there either) and PSN.

When I first joined FFdebate, I was around 13 I think. Everyone called me 'baby girl' back then , haha.

Anyway, good luck everyone ! <3

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Post by Nightmare on Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:12 pm

I now must add a few words of memory i know that i was not attendent as long as you guys in this forum and i didnt know many of you for long maybe touching 1 year or 3 but my life of final fantasy ... nay game debates in its entirety started when i was 10 i didnt have a name back then nor did i have a face i was a shadow in the background reading what people said always around not saying anything til i thought it was time till i arrived here when i was around 18 or 19 in college that was when i became to have a name yes maybe it wasnt conventional i may be "Nightmare" here but it was the real time i began 2 speak to others hu were like me people hu played games and watched anime as they debated u got involved and became close friends this forum became a beginning to my new life since i came here alot of good things happened and even to the very end its still classed as a good luck for me since being here ive progressed in education through college and for the first time people started talking to me outside of cyber space i have a girlfriend now because of it i know it may not be connected but i wish it was i even have friends to play simular games on PSN with me i wish we could of stayed abit longer but obveously it was enevitable with erel just being a new father taintz and zack being parents some may be in college or even work no1 has time for this perfect and safe place anymore and i wish to say good bye but if anyone would like to keep in touch i dont mind any of you adding me on facebook or PSN actually i wish u do because even if the forum is no more i wish to see how you guys are in your lives and still carry our little fun convos as we did on here and with this we shall give the forum a perfect burial *takes of hat and holds it to his chest* thanks for reading this far if you have and i hope u consider adding me my FB is Mark Bains and my PSN is xZeRo-HaRmOnYx

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Post by Claire on Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:36 pm

I feel that if I tried to say something about how sad I am this has to end so early, it goes without saying.

In short, everyone who was kind enough to make me a part of their lives and yours mine, thank you. I will see you guys another time, hopefully. I'll miss this place as I still miss FFD.

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Post by Zane the pure on Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:36 pm

All things come to an end, and all meetings must part. But the parting needn't last forever, as a new day dawns, so does another world of possibilities.

Many thanks to all of you who made this place special to me, I hope you all enjoyed our time together as much as I did. Best of luck to all of you in the future, and here's to hoping "our" parting doesn't last forever.

If any of you ever need anything from me:
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Post by Tainted Dreamz on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:30 am

You know it's not very often I get to come on the computer nowadays but I thought I may aswell check and see how FFL is doing. You are right Mr. G most people have moved on, got families, grown up, got other things to do. It's quite saddening moving from FF Debate with you all and then suddenly stop.

So as to say if I do not talk to any of you or hear you guys again Sad
Adieu, Au Revoir, A bientot.

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