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Command Boards (Birth by Sleep)

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Command Boards (Birth by Sleep)

Post by Claire on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:57 pm

Not to say I haven't completely broken this game, but I was surprised with myself when I found that I could actually beat these, I'll share you guys the strategy I use, the rest is up to how lucky you are.

Firstly, if you're in the Mirage Arena, you'll want to set it to one opponent and the lowest Score Cap available. Believe it or not, though, the higher scoring boards like the Secret Board are easier. Secondly, you'll want to go to options and set everything to Fast, makes things less tedious. After all that, go to Hand, and if you have the options 'GP Protector', 'Stun', or 'Two Dice' available, choose any one of them, I recommend starting with GP Protector if you have it, then Stun and follow up with Two Dice.

Try to resist all temptations to make a combination attack, otherwise fusing cards in Hand, at least till you have twice the score of your opponent, not all of them are very trustworthy. Also resist temptation to lay any cards down except for Bonus Panels, you'll want to keep all cards in your hand to get a good lead, and Bonus Panels allow you to keep your cards.

With this strategy, you'll have an easier time beating your CPU opponent into submission. However, your Rolls are a HUGE factor to worry about, some games are lucky, while others work against you to give your opponents high rolls and you trailing behind in the dust.

The biggest thing to remember is to know which way to go that gives you more points and can cripple your opponent, boards with Prize Boxes are extremely helpful, yet you have to think your path out before even making the first move. Prize boxes will yield a good chunk of GP if you manage to ride it along the Hurt Panels (can't remember the name) with the Prize box, meaning start from the direction the box is sitting and ride it along till you're safely across. Sometimes the box will give away a few GP, sometimes it won't. But if you do this enough, you will get up to thousands of GP depending on the board settings.

Another good reason to plan out your heading, is the checkpoints. These are your main source of GP in the Command Boards, they also stock up your commands when you're running out, so you'll want to plan a way that'll allow you to hit these without having to circle around twelve times. If you plan your course effectively, you'll be acres ahead of your opponent in GP when you touch the Keyhole Panel.

Lastly, this is my pet peeve about the command board is the Special Panels. These are the true gamble of the command board, they'll either help you, or cripple you severely. I do everything I can to NEVER touch these, whether or not you do that is your decision. If you happen to touch it and the god-awful Captain Dark/Justice comes along, don't worry, even Captain Dark has his helpful attributes. This is another reason to plan your course, if you happen to touch Captain Dark, then you will run to run through your opponent immediately. Pete will stick to whomever you happen to pass by, however, they can do the same to you, so watch out. Same with Captain Justice, if you happen to get him stuck on you, you'll want to AVOID all opponents. Captain Justice gives random points of GP away and usually they get higher the more he gives it away, same as Captain Dark.

The helpful side of the Special Panels are usually what pop up, but I don't like taking risks. Each of the positive sides of the command board all depends on the board you are on. The helpful attacks are as follows.

Keyblade/Secret Board: Keyblade Glider, move to any panel you choose.
Royal Board: Bippidi Boppidi Boo, gain GP pertaining to your roll.
Spaceship Board: Gigawatt Jolt, Steal GP from surrounding opponents.
Toon Board: Fantasia, Gain GP based on number of panels captured.
Hunny Pot Board: Hunny Hunt, Gain/Lose GP from the Hunny pots.
Skull Board: Pixie Dust, move opponent to any panel you choose.

That's my strategy in a nutshell, any questions or input are welcome.


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